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Application Process





Eligibility requirements


Brand Ambassadors 

  • You may be a recreational or competitive gymnast or athlete (any level or special event is welcome)

  • You must maintain authentic followers on your Instagram account

  • Your posts should be meaningful, compassionate, enthusiastic and promote our foundational faith-based message

  • Have fun and be courteous of others

  • You must have parents' permission to apply

  • You must follow Glorified Gymnast's Instagram page

  • If you are selected as an ambassador, you will be required to purchase a discounted GG leotard within a reasonable timeframe (within 1 month) upon being selected

  • Once proof of purchase is confirmed, your ambassadorship will officially begin

  • Additional requirements are being added to the program soon.

Benefits offered

Brand Ambassadors 

  • You may receive free leotard(s) and/or apparel based on sales generated through assigned personalized family & friends promo codes

  • You may receive early access pre-ordering before new leotards or apparel is launched to the public (GG signature collection only)

  • You will be assigned an exclusive personal code for discounted purchases (excludes shipping)

  • You will also receive a unique discount code to share with family and friends to receive 10% off their orders

  • You may be featured on our website and social media platforms

  • Finally, you will remain a valuable member of the Glorified Gymnast family which includes spiritual guidance, support, and social media growth

  • Additional benefits are being added to the program soon.

Additional Info

Complimentary products

Free products based on promotional activity:

  • Every 10 leotards sold via your personal family & friends promo code = 1 free select leotard 

  • Every 5 GG branded apparel items sold via your personal family & friends promo code = 1 free select GG branded apparel item 

Other Incentives:

If you reach 8 leotards sold via your personal family & friends promo code, you may have an opportunity to design your very own GG leotard. More details to come!

You will have opportunities to join other GG Teams including Design, Collab, and Volunteer Teams. New "Ambassador of the Month" and "Ambassador of the Year" recognition coming soon to the program! More details to come! 


Additional Terms & Conditions


If you represent multiple leotard companies, some that present a conflict of interest may be prohibited.

All ambassadors will be added to Instagram group chats for global communication from Glorified Gymnast and is responsible for checking the chat periodically for updates. Responses from ambassadors may also be required.

Ambassadors may be asked or required to repost to their feed/grid any Instagram post made by Glorified Gymnast.

Ambassadors may be asked or required to post without a GG leotard and/or apparel item before receiving a purchased leotard or apparel item.

All account types, public or private, may be required to post images containing Glorified Gymnast products and/or Glorified Gymnast models to personal Instagram feeds and/or stories for promotional purposes.

Private accounts must accept follow requests from Glorified Gymnast. 

If it is determined that ambassador requirements are unable to be fulfilled, Glorified Gymnast may elect to temporarily reduce responsibilities from a brand ambassador role to a brand advocate role (please see our Brand Advocates page for additional details). If it's later determined that the participant is able to meet the ambassadorship requirements, they may be granted permission to return to their original ambassadorship role.


It is HIGHLY recommended that ambassadors reach out to Glorified Gymnast privately if unforeseen circumstances may impact your ability to meet requirements. Doing so will prevent being transitioned into a brand advocate role or ending your brand ambassador role.

How to apply

Step 1: Click on our Brand Ambassador page to review the various ambassador roles (unavailable at this time)

Step 2: Complete the GG 2022 Global Ambassador Search application and submit it.

Step 3: Follow us on our Instagram page and watch for the IG announcement for when the ambassador application window opens. Click on the application link in the bio when it becomes available and apply. It's that easy!

New candidates will be announced on our Instagram page.


Ending your ambassadorship


Our ambassadorship program will renew every year. Some ambassador levels may be required to reapply. Otherwise, if you wish to remain an ambassador, simply do nothing. If you can no longer remain a Glorified Gymnast ambassador for any reason, you may end it at any time. Simply send us an email or DM and let us know!

Glorified Gymnast reserves the right to end any ambassadorship at any time with or without cause or consent or advanced notice. We also reserve the right to update the terms of our ambassador program with or without prior notification at any given time.

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