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Our Story

Glorified Gymnast was born out of one woman’s mission to help her 11-year-old, optional gymnast daughter, Corinthia, overcome her year-long battle with fear of tumbling.


As a mother of two young, aspirational, competitive gymnasts of eight years, founder and owner Sharhonda Smith dreadfully witnessed countless gym workouts of her daughter become immobilized by fear to the point she balked on even the most basic tumbling skills. Corinthia's training had been progressing nicely until one day out of nowhere she developed a mental block. Suddenly her passion for gymnastics transformed into frustration as she bawled during workouts plagued with dreadful unwarranted thoughts of fear before attempting tumbling passes.

Tired of feeling frustrated and helpless after numerous failed attempts to help her daughter through her own unsuccessful efforts, Sharhonda finally realized the only way to help her daughter defeat fear was through the power of its opposite counterpart – faith. Through this, the concept of Glorified Gymnast arose.

Sharhonda’s passion for helping gymnasts overcome battles with fear through the creation of stunning gymnastics leotards and athletic apparel will always continue so that gymnasts and athletes alike can claim their God-given power and authority to overcome every obstacle and walk in victory. To God be the glory!

Two competitive gymnasts sisters
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