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The foundation of Glorified Gymnast is built on the word of God. Our values are centered around biblical principles as we believe that Jesus is Lord and God's word is true. As followers of Christ, we believe the truth, speak the truth and aim to live the truth in every aspect of our lives, both personally and professionally.


As the founder of Glorified Gymnast and former corporate America employee, I truly understand the significance of and support the need for employees to have "true" work/life balance. No two people have the same work/life and some have more diverse situations than others. Whether its familial commitments or extracurricular activities, life outside of work is just as important as life at work. Therefore, it is imperative that Glorified Gymnast accommodates and supports the diverse work/life of all its employees because without them, our business would not thrive. Our employees are our most valuable asset. 


Glorified Gymnast's core values are God and family first. As a hired employee or professional, you do not have to believe in God or the bible in order to work at Glorified Gymnast, but all employees and professionals at Glorified Gymnast are expected to respect the values that stem from those beliefs. No matter what your beliefs, we treat everyone with the same dignity and respect as Jesus has demonstrated for us.

If you would like to be a part of our unique and amazing organizational culture, check out our open positions to find the right position for you. We'd love for you to be apart of our team. 

Open Positions

Currently, we do not have any open positions. Please check back at a later date.

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