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Building Faith. Eliminating Fear.

The offering of faith-inspired gymnastics apparel within the industry is completely nonexistent. Without a platform that addresses the powerful and destructive nature of fear, gymnasts remain vulnerable and are at great risk of unwillingly diminishing or possibly ending their careers prematurely. As reported in an article by USA Gymnastics, "70% of high level gymnasts have experienced psychological blocking" which ultimately disrupts their performance and may lead to devastating experiences.        


Glorified Gymnast aims to solve this problem two ways. We address topics of fear and faith to empower gymnasts with tools to build their faith, defeat fear and combat the problematic repercussions of mental blocks.


In conjunction with these efforts, we provide faith-based leotards and apparel to serve as a visible and constant reminder for gymnasts to feed their faith and overcome fear while they train. 



Empowering gymnasts with faith and boldness to eradicate fear, enabling them to reach their full potential and elevate their careers to unprecedented heights by virtue of spiritual growth and faith-based apparel. 



To make a greater impact for people in all walks of life by informing or reminding them what God says about us as Believers, thus empowering them to unleash the positive, impactful nature of God’s significant Word in their lives through the power of faith and confession.

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