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Due to our current status as a growing small business, our manufacturer produced apparel will be available for purchase as pre-production and mid-production preordering.


Placing orders during the pre-production preorder window is the best way to ensure product availability. However, due to our manufacturer's minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement, customer orders placed with Glorified Gymnast during this window is subject to manufacturer production delays. This means we (Glorified Gymnast) will not be able to submit customer orders for production with the manufacturer for pre-production apparel until we receive enough customer orders that meet the manufacturer's MOQ.

Once the minimum quantity is met, all customer pre-production preorders will be placed with our manufacturer as one bulk order. Due to the unpredictability surrounding consumer purchasing patterns, we are unable to provide a definitive date for when the bulk order will be placed, until the minimum has been reached. However, we will do our best to keep you informed and provide periodic order status updates as the information becomes available, or as time permits.

For orders placed during the mid-production preorder window or post production, product availability will be limited. 

We sincerely apologize for the delays our current business model may cause, however, it is our prayer that you will bear with us while we continue to grow and improve our business model as resources allow. We greatly need and appreciate your support!

Please see below for additional information regarding shipping timeframes for pre-production and mid-production preorders.


For orders placed during this window, please allow up to 22 to 45 days for manufacturer bulk order processing (production could potentially take longer during peak season or extenuating circumstances). Note: Production takes place after the MOQ for a product has been reached.


Please note that bulk order placement dates are subject to change at any time during the pre-production preorder window. 

GG Signature Collection
GG Signature Collection


For orders placed during this window, please allow 14 to 35 days for manufacturer processing (production could potentially take longer during peak season or extenuating circumstances).

Approximately one week after customer orders are shipped from the factory, orders will be shipped by Glorified Gymnast within 7 to 10 business days following receipt from the factory.

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